Pick Powerball Numbers

You might have wondered if there is a method to win the powerball by using a special numbering system designed to pick winning number combinations. Would it be possible to use a scientific “winning number picker” to magically pick 6 lucky numbers?

The answer is that the odds of you winning the total jackpot are millions-to-one against you. But that does not mean that you can’t effectively apply winning powerball strategies to improve your chances to win secondary money prizes by utilizing a high quality numerical probability system to pick winning powerball numbers.

A couple months ago I was stuck working a dead-end job behind a desk. I hated my boss, I hated my job, and in all seriousness, I hated life. I felt like each and every penny I made went to paying off bills or debt, I wondered if I’d ever find a way out.

And then I did.

The very first time I heard about how to pick winning powerball numbers was from a close friend of mine. The very first time he told me about the system was when I went to the store with him and saw him money his winning ticket. He told me he had discovered a program on-line that showed him how you can choose winning powerball numbers; I laughed. And then I saw the clerk hand him $500 in cash. I wanted to know much more.

So he sent me the link and I checked it out for myself. To be honest, the page looked just a little cheesy to me; It looked like a scam. I was still grappling with the thought of winning the powerball; not just once, but consistently. I had heard of counting cards in something like blackjack but I’d by no means heard of a way of picking powerball numbers. But I had seen my friend win, I saw the cash and also the ticket, and unless he was pulling a prank on me, it worked for him, why wouldn’t it work for me?

In addition to this, when the powerball player initially picks their powerball numbers, there is a system , called the Vergelli system, which automatically calculates and displays a minimal number of additional combinations they have to play to be able to win. This procedure is essential to guarantee the highest matching probability to win. For example, in a Pick 6 game, if a player selects 31 numbers, the Vergelli program will search for the optimal winning combinations that have to be played. All combinations with 6 numbers from the set of 31 selected numbers are 736,281. Vergelli’s system searches the MINIMAL number of combinations – so that if the 6 drawn numbers belong to the set of the 31 selected numbers, a prize will be won. The final search finds 31 combinations, from which there will probably be 733,181 possible combinations, which is 99.6% of all possible winning combinations. The immediate result from this program is really a massive improvement in odds to win from 1 million-to-one to 200,000 to 1 or better.